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Dr. Michael Büttner

Michael Büttner competences are based on more than 30 years successful top management consulting as well as leadership experience working for major global consulting companies

After some years in the academic research (University of Economics: Organisational Design) and some years industry experience (CA-BV, Degussa/Evonik: Assistant to the Board, Strategy Development, Strategic Controlling, special projects) Michael worked for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Gemini Consulting/Capgemini Consulting, KPMG Management Consulting and Accenture. He guided numerous global acting companies on their transformational journey

Experience & Education

  • Managing Director Accenture – Global Client Account Lead
  • Partner @ KPMG – Head of Management Consulting, Industry
  • Senior Vice President @ Capgemini Consulting –  Head of Consulting
  • Senior Consultant @ Roland Berger – Turnaround Management
  • Assistant to the Board @ Degussa AG (Evonik AG)
  • Assistant to the Board @ Creditanstalt-Bankverein – Corporate Group
  • Assistant @ University of Economics, Vienna – Department for Organization
  • University of Economics, Vienna – Ph.d. in Business Administration

Chef’s table

You will be served by the owner

Be creative, innovative, and practical in the application of exceptional skills. Always learning, always changing. But most of all – listen, listen and listen aggressively … and then act

My key learnings of 30 years consulting

  • Focused Analytics – A short and hypothesis driven analysis process –  Rapid design
  • Simplify Complexity – Understand, manage and explain complexity as one of the major assets in consulting
  • Visionary Design– Create an emotional picture of the future. Start the transformational journey with the picture of a great finish
  • Conceptual Strength and Creativity – Quick conceptual design top down based on insights, experience and validation with key stakeholders. Trap creativity, imagination and “out-of-the-box” thinking. Earn the right to try and then do
  • Strong Implementation Orientation – Practical concepts as well as the capabilities to manage the implementation effectively. Bias for action.
  • Strong People Orientation – Leverage/support existing staff to its maximum delivering high performance results, enriched by external support, inspiration and energy. Leave a Legacy
  • High Efficiency – Learned and seen leverage consulting approach mainly as insufficient and costly. Able to play different roles in a consulting project – from pacing to leading

“Bespoke” consulting approach

According to client and context, from top down to bottom up in all possible combinations

We are working together with leaders to build winning organizations and leave a legacy. We help them to transcend their aspirations to make a significant difference to their customers, people and owners

What still motivates me after 30 years

  • Disruptive Changes – The different waves of innovation, technical changes and their impact on owners, customers and enterprises
  • Working with Bright People– The intellectual challenges still really making a difference, be at the forefront
  • People Enthusiasm – Create a “can-do”, win-win attitude giving positive energy to the people, deliver on agreed commitments and leave a room for joy
  • Bi-directional and Deep Thinking – Strong analytics but clear focus on an aspirational to-be
  • “When People Matter and Results Count” – It is a people business and we love people. Be a servant-leader – a superb player, teammate, and coach. Engage the hearts and minds of people. My strongest inspiration was driven by the ideas and the thinking of Gemini Consulting
  • Learning – From bright people, at all different levels, ages and backgrounds. Listen aggressively and then act on it
  • Specific Consulting Approach – Being a brilliant consultant not being arrogant or a know-it-all
  • Tailor-made Approach – Each transformation is tailor-made. Design a fitting project architecture fuelled by our experience and creativity
  • Approach Business as an Art – Do everything exceptionally well, internally and externally, think outside yourself
  • A truly Global Business – Think and act outside the existing geographical and cultural boundaries
  • Personal Mastery – Be gracious and humble. Master the human connection, you cannot give what you do not have
  • Fun – Taking our work seriously, but not ourselves seriously, approaching every task with a sense of discovery, share great moments

Noumerous reliable credentials

underpinning the bespoke consulting
approach over the last 30 years of my consulting experience

Forever be a student of your profession and life Master the human connection. You cannot give what you do not have

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