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When some of us first read, that the rate of digital change in the world would accelerate at ever increasing speeds and extent, we said yes, this is clear …

Now we reached a point where we recognized, that the rate of change is accelerating even faster than we imagined it would. In an environment exploding with technological, social, and geopolitical change, we are constantly asked to deal with paradigms in carrying out work a long-term journey, while at the same time having to meet shorter deadlines

We are in a real digital driven transformational change

Everything we do and how we do it has become subject of change

Therefore, we must master the art of change not only to keep pace with the digital revolution, but more important, to be at the forefront – not as a one-time event, but as a way of life. No matter how dynamic an enterprise may be, ultimate success is based on a clear vision that drives purpose and on values that drive behaviour, effectiveness as well as efficiency

30 years of experience

Michael Büttners competence is based on more than 30 years successful top management consulting as well as leadership experience working for major global acting consulting companies like Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Gemini Consulting/Capgemini Consulting, KPMG Management Consulting and Accenture.

He guided numerous global acting companies on their transformational journey.

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My Service Offerings

  • Expert Model – Strategy Consulting with clear focus on quick and reliable results – Rapid design
  • Second View – Quick review with clear and crisp recommendations
  • Leveraging the Organization – Boost the existing organization from inside
  • Meta-Consulting – Manage the consulting process and other consultants effectively
  • Implementation Partner – Ensure the smooth ans sustainable implementation of agreed concepts
  • Corporate Coach – Coaching executives, top management or selected functions
  • Connector – Connect companies with a broad ecosystems

Services in cooperation

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